Handmade Jewelry Business Tips

After struggling for several years to get my jewelry business going, I decided to get serious and make some changes in my approach. I set some goals and did some research and I would like to share with you what I discovered. I am still learning and growing my handmade jewelry business, but I have learned there are some basic areas that you will need to address and so I have broken this workshop up into the following subjects:

Planning, Selling, Marketing, Legal Concerns. 

As we go along this journey together, I will be adding more topics in this workshop. Some of them may come from questions and comments from you! Please see the bottom of the page to ask a question about your jewelry business or leave a comment. Have you discovered something that works well for you? Please share it. We would love to hear about it. You will also find business tips scattered throughout the workshop. 

PLANNING: Set up your Jewelry Business and make a plan

SELLING: Explore different venues to sell your jewelry

MARKETING: Let people know you are making and selling jewelry

LEGAL ISSUES: What you need to know to protect yourself


One of the biggest changes I made was that I stopped trying to create jewelry to please my customers and started making jewelry that inspired and moved me. Like this necklace set. This was a set I made for my neice who was getting married a couple of years ago. She loves silver and she loves pearls. I was just learning this new wire wrapping technique and decided to make a set of necklace and earrings for her for her wedding shower. The set turned out better than I expected, and she absolutely loved it. The amazing thing about it was that I posted the photos of it on my facebook page and immediately got some orders from some of my friends.

I found this to be true of all the pieces I made just because I wanted to try making that specific item. They turned into favorite purchases almost every time, whereas the items I made because I thought people would buy them, turned into "duds" almost every time. So make items that inspire you and those items will likely inspire your customers and move them to buy.