Why not create your own handmade jewelry and earn a living doing something you love?

Are you tired of trying to find that perfect piece of handmade jewelry for your favorite outfit?

Are you looking for a way to make money and have fun at the same time?


I can teach you the basics of making jewelry with a variety of techniques and show you different types of handmade jewelry while learning from the comfort of your own home through articles, instructional videos, downloadable projects and my newsletter.

... Or maybe you are making jewelry and have been struggling to turn it into a profitable jewelry business?


My tips on growing your jewelry business can help you reach your financial goals. Check out our Business Tips section now. You will find the basics of making a business plan, identifying your target market, setting your goals, writing your vision and mission statements and much more to help you along your journey to financial freedom while doing something you love, making jewelry.


My Directory lists vendors where you can buy jewelry making supplies, the tools you need, wholesale vendors and other sites I have found useful.

You will learn where to go for jewelry making supplies in my   Tools and Supplies Directory and participate in contests to show off your jewelry and new-found skills.


My Jewelry Store is the place to buy jewelry made by myself and featured viewer's works. Win a contest in our Workshop Challenge area or petition to have your handmade jewelry featured here. This is the place to show off your unique handcrafted jewelry and possibly even start your jewelry business!

What are your questions about making jewelry?

Have you ever wondered where different types of jewelry had their origin? How did the Vikings make wire jewelry? How did the Byzantines use jewelry to display their wealth? What types of jewelry are there? What media is best to use? Where do you start?


I will explore these questions and others in my New Articles section. Keep your eye on it, because you never know what subject will come up next. Do you have an area you would like to know more about? This is the section where you can ask your questions or provide answers to other viewer questions. There may be patterns and instructions to help you master a jewelry technique or a critique of a book on making jewelry. 

Whatever your needs are for creating jewelry, or running a jewelry business, you will find a wealth of information here in my handmade jewelry workshop that will help you get started, find inspiration, grow your business, or even find that perfect piece of jewelry you have been looking for.

Thank you for visiting my Workshop. Come in, have a look around, kick off your shoes and pull out your tools and let's start making jewelry!

This is a close-up view of a Viking Wire Woven necklace showing the tight weave after the wire has been pulled to compress it.