Learn the art of making jewelry today!

From stringing beads to wire sculpture, you will find detailed instructions on making jewelry that will delight your friends and lead you on more adventurous projects. Click on one of the areas below to get started with a simple project if you are a beginner or choose a more complex project that fits with your experience level.

Stringing beads are one of the first forms of jewelry most people learn how to make. In this workshop I will show you what materials to use, how to layout your design, how to add clasps and more.

Making jewelry with wire opens up a whole world of possibilities. Learn how to do Viking Wire Weaving or wire wrapping. Just about anything you can do with string and beads, you can also do with wire and beads. Mix your wire with other media such as glass, leather, natural stone or seashells. Or try your hand at a wire filigree design, my current favorite.

I will be adding a variety of jewelry making projects as we go along, so check back on this page to try your hand at a new project. Such as the shell pictured here. It is adorned with pearls secured by wire which forms the loop for the chain.